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grouse hunting


The Perrault Falls Adventure Area offers some of the finest hunting adventures you could ask for. With nearly 600,000 acres of wilderness, and over a dozen lodges to serve you in our area, there is a wide range of hunting opportunities to be had. We offer hunting trips for the most experienced to the complete novice; with outfitters offering trips from fully guided to the complete do-it yourself. Enjoy some of the best bear, moose, wolf, grouse and duck hunting in Northwest Ontario.   








Bear Hunts

All non-resident bear hunting is on large bear management areas that are controlled by the outfitter of your choice. This insures the quality of your hunt, knowing there is a very limited number of hunters in your area. Most of our fall bear hunting is done from elevated, baited stands with either gun or bow.

Bears are very curious and quiet animals. They will make almost no noise coming into the bait. They can catch you off guard. There is nothing more exciting than realizing a bear has just come into the bait and you have not heard a single sound. The Perrault Falls Adventure Area has some good opportunities for color-phased bears as well. The secret to a successful bear hunt is getting the bear into the bait at the right time and giving you that perfect shot. As with any hunting trip, patience and perseverance will allow you to harvest the bear you have always dreamed about.

Compare pricing for bear hunts from other regions of the country and world, and you'll see that our Perrault Falls area offers extremely competitive rates!


Moose Hunts


For a successful moose hunt you will want to make plans early. There are an abundance of trophy animals in our area but you will have to check with the Perrault Falls Adventure Area outfitters to find out who has licenses and if they are rifle or archery licenses, and if they have bull or cow tags.

Moose are animals that enjoy the low-lying lands around lake shores, rivers and marshes. There is no more excitement in the world than to call in a huge bull during the rut and watch and hear him crash through the bush to find you. Or how about a quiet trip down a secluded river and as you come around the bend, there stands the moose of your dreams.

Remember the real work starts when the moose hits the ground. An adult bull can tip the scales at 1400-1500 pounds, a cow will be 700-800 pounds and a calf is 300-400 pounds. This is the time when you want all of your good friends around to help transport that trophy animal out of the bush!  

Grouse Hunts

There are hundreds of miles of old logging roads and trails to provide some of the best grouse hunting you will ever experience.  Many hunters bring ATVs, some bring hunting dogs, and some drive to an area and then walk among trails from there.  With hunting season starting mid September, you can have the added advantage of combining your bird hunting trip with great fall fishing. What could be better than fresh walleyes and grouse for dinner tonight!

Wolf Hunts

Wolf hunting is not for the faint of heart. During the early season, they are hunted from elevated stands over bait. Sometimes you are not sure who is doing the hunting, you or the wolf. At this time there are no outfitters in this region that are open for late season hunting.


Migratory Bird Hunts

With more than 50 lakes and countless miles of rivers, bays, & shoreline, there are plenty areas to enjoy some of the best duck hunting you could wish for. What would be more enjoyable on a beautiful fall day than to sit in a duck blind with your best friend, be it man or dog, and wait for that flock of mallards you have been calling in to get in gun range, and then watching "man's best friend" go out and do all the serious work.


Planning Your Trip

There are some important things to do before every hunt you plan. Choose a reputable outfitter and ask their advice. They can help you make the best choice for weapon (shotgun, rifle or bow) for the area and game you want to hunt. Find out where and how you will be hunting, what kind of gear will make your hunt the most comfortable and what the season dates are. Your outfitter will be able to answer your questions, or direct you to the right resources to make sure you are well informed.

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