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Traveling to our Perrault Falls Area

Resources, Planning, & More

Resources in Planning Your Trip

All border restrictions from 2020-2022 having been removed, so traveling to our area has become much easier.  Besides the passport and fishing license, there are a number of things you'll want to consider as you plan your trip to the Perrault Falls area.  Reach out to your resort for suggestions.  Here are some links to help you as well:

Excellent Canadian Travel Resources/Tips

Canada Border Services Information

Highway 105 Tourism Map/Guide Info

Fishing Licenses/MNR

Hunting Licencses/Info

Directions/Where we are located

Adventures- No Tourist Traps

Adventures await you in Perrault Falls but without the tourist traps.  130 lakes provide limitless fishing opportunities.  600,000 acres of land -  includes ATV trails popular for grouse hunting, bear hunts, moose hunts, hiking at the falls, countless islands to explore and shore lunch, blueberry picking and more.

Our local go to establishment, The Whiskey Jack Restaurant, is a favorite for visitors.  Whiskey Jack offers soft serve ice-cream, a delicious lunch and dinner menu, outstanding drinks, friendly staff, and the occassional live music.  Indoor and outdoor seating options as well as takeout available.

Check out other amenities and activities offered in our area

What's your adventure goal?

  We have drive-to resorts close to the highway for land adventures as well as remote boat-in resorts for those fishing that want more seclusion.  Smaller camps, larger camps, and even outposts.  We offer resorts right on the water and also camps that have dozens of caches or portages for those that want an even more extreme adventure.  Some lodges offer fly-in experiences where you can fly to a private lake for the day.   Some of our lakes are better known for muskie while others have abundant smallmouth and crappie.  Most of our lakes offer walleye and pike.   Whether you want American plan or housekeeping plan, family friendly environment or a fishing focus, Perrault Falls has the resort for you.  Browse our resorts to find the right fit for your next adventure.

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