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Our  Vision

To sustain our fisheries for generations to come
  • Release of larger breeding class fish
  • Promote sustainable fish habits
  • Ensure healthy water quality
Our members follow guidelines of:
  • Releasing all walleye over 18" 
  • Releasing all northern pike over 27.5"

Conserving for the Future

Members of the Perrault Falls Adventure Area have long been advocates for the preservation of our natural resources.  As supporters of conservation, we are committed to proactively managing our natural resources. Area management planning considers the entire ecosystem for land use planning and provides for guidance on the interrelationships between land uses and the health of the ecosystem over time. This approach recognizes that the ecosystem has limits to how much stress land uses put on before the system is irreversibly damaged or destroyed.


Perrault Falls Adventure Area members maintain a cooperative relationship with the Ministry of Natural Resources to safeguard the purity of our environment as well as the prosperity of our fish and wildlife. Regular testing and evaluations are performed to better understand nature’s balance. Over the years, routine water sampling and creel surveys have guided ministry officials and members of the Perrault Falls Area in their decisions affecting the ecosystem and local tourism.


Our catch and release practices combined with proper area management will preserve our healthy ecosystem and dependable supply of contaminant-free water. Thus, we will sustain the abundant population of fish and wildlife for generations to come.

Safe Handling of Fish
Data from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

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