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blueberry picking

Land and Water Adventures

Diverse and Abundant Wildlife

A walk down an old trail or a trip in the boat will serve up a visual mix of beaver, otter, mink, martin, lynx, and many other small creatures. Then of course, what everyone so much appreciates seeing is the abundance of larger animals including bear, moose, deer, and wolves topping off your list of exceptional wildlife. You just don't get this stuff in urban areas, and everyone should get the opportunity to enjoy these magnificent creatures.

We are all so intent on fishing or hunting as much as we can in the limited time we have on vacation, that we take virgin wilderness and it's inhabitants for granted.


We are a summer nesting area for many bird species from bald and golden eagles, the Canadian loon, osprey, down to ducks, geese and woodpeckers of all sizes the ever present hummingbirds, and so much more.

In general, we offer one of the last unspoiled natural areas of North America that is accessible for you and your future families to enjoy. Come and experience it for yourself and we're sure you won't do it just once!

Check out this article on the wildlife up here in our Sunset Country region of Perrault Falls

Water Adventures

Visit neaby Ear Falls Community Park where there is a small beach and park area.

Numerous resorts in the PFAA offer activities on site such as kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, peddleboating, and swimming.  Inquire with the resorts if this is something you are interested in.

Fishing and Hunting continue to be the biggest attraction to the area.  But there are other opportunities in the Perrault Falls area as well. 

We encourage visitors to experience a traditional Canadian Shore Lunch on the shores of your favorite lake with the fresh fish caught that day. Take in the incredible views and remoteness of your surroundings; and fresh fish are the very best fish! 

Beach your boat and get out and explore an island or shoreline.  There are already designated shore lunch spots on most lakes, so your resort owner can help you based on what body of water you're on.







Mid-July through August, we have vast blueberry patches that have the most delicious blueberries imaginable.  Many of our resort hosts will offer guided blueberry picking trips.

Hike at the Perrault Falls.  A short hike, but beautiful. When the water level is high and usually early season, it can be ripping, so be careful.  There are also numeous bush trails.


For longer day hiking, go to nearby Blue Lake Provincial Park (40 miles south)for multiple trails that are maintained.

ATVing: Bring your ATVs and explore the hundreds of miles of off-road trails in the Canadian bush.

Land Adventures

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