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20-30" walleye


The Perrault Falls Adventure Area boasts a very diverse list of fish species for you to enjoy. Not all species are in each lake, but that's what makes every body of water a new adventure. What makes our area unique is that all lakes within it are part of one major watershed, commonly known as the Cedar River Watershed. Biological studies over the past decade have consistently shown that this watershed has an extremely healthy and diverse fish population.

The Perrault Falls Adventure Area has in most of our lakes:


Northern pike



Spread throughout the various lakes in the area:

Smallmouth bass

Lake trout





Our fish numbers and quality are 2nd to none in Ontario and continue to be managed well by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Lodge owners promoting sustainable fishing habits.  While some lakes have a reputation for more muskie or walleye, others may be more well known for smallmouth or perch, and some are a mixed bag, so ask around to find the best fit for you.

It is the aim of members to ensure that this fishery continues to improve and sustain itself for future generations to enjoy.  The release of larger breading class fish ensures that our lakes continue to produce the quality of fish that our guests have come to expect and enjoy year after year.   Thus, we all collectively use the guideline of releasing ALL walleye over 18".


We appreciate our guests who purchase the conservation license, and encourage fishermen to respect the fishery that includes practices such as using barbless hooks, correct releasing technique, getting replica mounts for that trophy fish, and more.  Learn the hows and whys here.  Some of our resorts participate in a Trophy Fish Release Program that also fits with our conservation mindset.

The Perrault Falls area is in incredible fishery offering clean waters, breathtaking scenery and nature, the friendliest people, and is the perfect escape for all anglers.

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