Perrault Falls home of 150 Lakes, 450,000 Acres, 25 Lodges, Great Fishing and Hunting and Pristine Wilderness

The Perrault Falls Area Watershed

Perrault Falls Adventure Area is 600,000 acres of pristine wilderness in Northwestern Ontario. The crystal clear water and lush vibrant landscape are a spectacular testament of Mother Nature's life giving ability. Twenty-five Fishing and Hunting Lodges are fortunate to call these genuine wilds home. In 1999 the local Outfitters established The Cedar River Watershed Association Inc. Since then, we have been working together to protect and promote the land, lakes and wildlife. The association and the area it encompasses have recently adopted a new name. We are now known as The Perrault Falls Adventure Area.

Perrault Falls Adventure Area's topography is unique in its surroundings. Geographically, the area is referred to as a watershed area. It is an ecosystem independent of the lakes and rivers outside the boundaries of its 600,000 acres. This system cycles the soil and minerals from the land using the watercourse and its tributaries. It is a dynamic and complex web of natural resources; soil, water, plants and animals. Each body of water in the Perrault Falls Area is responsible for sponsoring life throughout the ecosystem.

There are many interconnections and relationships between human activities on land and what happens to water and subsequently to the organisms that use water. The boundaries of the Perrault Falls Area provide natural limits for managing these interconnections and their impact on the environment and natural resources within.

Members of the Perrault Falls Adventure Area have long been advocates for the preservation of our natural resources. As supporters of conservation, we are committed to proactively managing our natural resources. Area management planning considers the entire ecosystem for land use planning and provides for guidance on the interrelationships between land uses and the health of the ecosystem over time. This approach recognizes that the ecosystem has limits to how much stress land uses put on before the system is irreversibly damages or destroyed.

Perrault Falls Adventure Area members maintain a cooperative relationship with the Ministry of Natural Resources to safeguard the purity of our environment as well as the prosperity of our fish and wildlife. Regular testing and evaluations are performed to better understand nature’s balance. Over the years, routine water sampling and creel surveys have guided ministry officials and members of the Perrault Falls Area in their decisions affecting the ecosystem and local tourism. Proper area management will preserve our healthy ecosystem and dependable supply of contaminant-free water. Thus, we will sustain the abundant population of fish and wildlife for generations to come.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of planning a trip to the Perrault Falls Adventure Area or have been visiting this area for many years, your questions are encouraged. We are knowledgeable outfitters and we look forward to being part of your next adventure in the Perrault Falls Area. We are passionate about preserving the plentiful fish and wildlife, and the vivacious wilderness we call home.